Wire Anodes

Artikel nr Type Antal element A (mm) Plugg
B184032 22K100/50*3 3 430 Hög
B184064 22K100/50*6 6 880 Hög
B184062 22K100/50*6 6 880 Krage
B184094 22K100/50*9 9 1330 Hög

Types of Wire Anodes

Magnesium Anodes

Magnesium anode rods and wires are the most widely recognized sort of anode used in the following application areas :

1. Water heaters
2. Tanks
3. Pressure Vessels

Magnesium anodes are used when a desire exists to prolong the life of any strucutre where magnesium anodes can be applied.

Zinc Anodes

Zinc anode rods or wires can be applied within the same areas as above, if the right conditions are in place. Zinc has a lower driving voltage and isn't as spark sensitive as magnesium and kan therefore be used in oil tanks, where no sparks are allowed.

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