ICAF or MGPS for Box Coolers

Box coolers, intakes, strainers are always subject to fouling. Mussels, algae and other types of shellfish establish where the right conditions are met, that’s often the case in these type of operational areas.

When box coolers are affected by marine fouling, it’s ability to cool down desired areas are reduced dramatically. With the correct ICAF system, this can be prevented and thereby safeguard the critical functions of important equipment.

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MGPS for Intakes & Strainers

Pipework systems for waterintake are always affected by fouling if not protected with a MGPS. This leads to built up marine colonies of shellfish, algae and mussels. Marine fouling leads to severe effects on pipework both for intakes and strainers. Additional effects of heavy corrosion are often seen after removing built up fouling areas.

Our MGPS systems are today regarded standard within the maritime industry. Preventing unnecessary maintenance costs and equipment failure.

This Is How ICAF/MGPS Works:

  • Copper anodes our mounted in selected area and connected to the power source
  • The power unit controls function and assures best protection, regarding longest design life.

In most cases, aluminum or soft iron anodes are installed to protect the pipework against corrosion. This meansthat the area closest to the ICAF system will be catholically protected.


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