STOPAQ® eliminates adhesion and fixation problems to any substrate. Due to its fluid-like nature andvisco-elastic properties, STOPAQ® systems prevent corrosion for life. Thermal friction stress or disbondment related to CP are no longer issues. Surface preparation according to ST-2 or SSPC-3 is sufficient. Severe wet and hot aging tests combined with CP current tests underwrite the guarantee period and a service life level expectancy of greater than 60 years.

  • Immediate & permanent adhesion to PE, PP, FBE, blasted steel and de-rusted steel
  • Can be applied in cold temperatures
  • Tested and proven from minus 45°C to 95°Coperating temperatures

Stopaq® is part of Seal For Life Industries, which is the name of a closely associated group of companies engaged in preventing and combating corrosion in the broadest possible sense. Seal For Life is the statement through which we demonstrate our thinking about the concept of ‘people, planet, profit’ – as well as about the quality and therefore the lifespan of our solutions. It shows what we think about markets, complete solutions, cost of ownership, the often sensitive infrastructures within which we work, and about our sustainable cost-effective solutions.

What is STOPAQ®?

STOPAQ® produces and supplies worldwide a broad range of innovative patent defended self-healing anti-corrosion solutions. The anti-corrosion and sealant systems actively protect structural objects against the daily riskof corrosion. The self-healing systems with unique visco-elastic properties prevent corrosion of your valuable assets for life. STOPAQ® systems are maintenance-free and seal completely and permanently any substrate against the ingress of water, oxygen, bacteria or AC/DC current. STOPAQ® offers by far the most environmentally-friendly protection systems in the coatings world. 100% stable, 100% self-healing and 100% adhesion guaranteed!

  • Non-pola
  • Non-toxi
  • No stress generate
  • Non-crosslinkabl
  • Non-crystallin
  • Non-hardenin
  • No cathodic disbondmen
  • Totally ine
  • Fully amorphous
  • No osmosi
  • No M.I.C.
  • Pure visco-elastic technology

Seal for life is our contribution to a sustainable world. By offering unique non-crosslinkable anti-corrosion and sealant solutions that require only minimal surface preparation and perform for life, STOPAQ® ensures an environmentally-friendly, energy efficient and safe coating system application. STOPAQ® continuously develops new systems and applications by focussing its activity on the interaction between science, industry and the needs of the market. Our Research and Development is tasked to look for safer, healthier, risk-free, faster, easier and absolutely sustainable solutions from a total low cost of ownership perspective.

  • No cathodic disbondmen
  • Totally ine
  • Fully amorphous
  • No osmosi
  • No M.I.C.
  • Pure visco-elastic technology

Innovative values

For more than 20 years, STOPAQ® has been the market leader in developing new applications for sealing and corrosion prevention meeting the most stringent safety and health requirements. Every day our people are developing and searching for new solutions using intelligent engineering from a total cost of ownership approach to ensure the end-user a safe and sound system. In many markets, from onshore pipelines, refineries to offshore platforms, subsea pipelines and civil structures, STOPAQ® solutions can be found making the impossible possible.

  • Goes beyond where others fail
  • Meets & exceeds international norm
  • Pipelines, valves, casings, flanges, jetty piles, joints, cable inlets, tank roofs, city pylons, windmills, chimes, structural steel, LNG plants, sweating lines

STOPAQ® Specialties


STOPAQ® Subsea systems protect (sub)merged objects against the influence of (salt) water and bacteria’s and can easily be applied by divers or ROV’s.

Casing Filler

STOPAQ® Casing Filler is the most effective solution for preventing corrosion of steel pipelines in steel casings. Water and oxygen that normally is expected


Factory Applied STOPAQ® technology (FAST) are mainly used for distribution lines & transmission pipelines in cities, at refineries and across the country for oil


Pipelines and platforms need to be safe constructions, not only for the people, but also for the environment. STOPAQ® Offshore can seal risers, ballast tanks, J-tubes

We Offer: Consultation, Projecting, Installation, Maintenance and Worldwide Cathodic Protection Material Shipping.