Canister Anodes

Canister Anodes

Canister Anodes

Canister anodes are widely used for cathodic protection applications with impressed current anode. It can be used to protect buried metal pipes in congested plant environments, to protect pipelines for delivery or transmission in either dispersed shallow ground beds or as horizontal remote ground bed anodes, and to protect other structures such as above ground or buried tanks and piling systems.

Canister Anode Configuration:

The anode content of an canister anode can vary in many cases. The two most common are silicon iron anodes and MMO/TI anodes. Weight, design of canister, cable’s can also vary very differently from different needs and situations. Korrosionsgruppen has been manufacturing canister anodes for over 30 years and take both pride and joy in serving our clients with the very best.

The Canister Anode:

Korrosionsgruppens silicon iron canister anode, is an 18 kg silicon iron supplied in a canister of plate, which is filled with coke backfill.

The canister is perforated with holes that allow moisture to penetrate the canister directly, in order to receive good contact with the surrounding soil/clay. The anode is available in optional cable length, to fit your requirements.
The cable type is of the type XLPE / PVC 10mm2 red. We can also deliver the anode with a 12 mm anchor ring of
polypropylene, length after your desires of course. To ensure the most secure installation when handling the somewhat fragile anodes, we always recommend purchasing the nonwoven geotess. This is in order to minimize friction and sudden thermal shocks.

canister andes table

XX=Desired cable length

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