Buried Tanks (Outer Protection)


Buried Tanks (Outer Protection)

Buried tanks usually face similar problems as buried pipelines, likewise, do they share the same difficulties in providing them with cathodic protection. Both storage tanks and pipelines are often located near buildings or grouped close together. Depending on construction and arrangement, this can affect the protection current when large areas of coating has been damaged.

ICCP(Impressed Current Cathodic Protection)

Impressed current systems are usually applied on buried tanks when resistance is high or when it’s more economical than sacrificial anodes (usually depending on size).


  • Long design life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less or no maintenance
  • Huge economic benefits

Sacrificial Anodes


In low resistivity soils and temporary cathodic protection designs.

Material Used:

Usually 1-4 magnesium anodes are used around the tank.
Normally there’s two different qualities being used, standard potential ( 1.5V ) and high potential (1.7V).When the anodes are intended for land installation, they are delivered as standard with a backfill mix of bentonite, as well as 5m long red XLPE/PVC 6mm2 cable. The cable connection is embedded in epoxy.

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