PinBrazing Equipment

Pin brazing

PinBrazing Equipment

A method that doesn't change the metallurgical properties of the metal

With Our Pin brazing equipment, you can braze in any weather!

Our cathodic protection pin brazing method offer safe electrical cable connections to steel structures without melting the steel in the pipes or other steel structures as with welding methods. The secret of the patented system is that a special silver-based alloy, developed for the purpose, is melted (650°C) by a totally controlled energy distribution from high power batteries thru the patented electronic and automated brazing device.

Our pin brazing products are used in many industries for connecting cables and are especially suitable for use within the Cathodic Protection Industry such as connecting anode cables to pipelines, vessels, reinforcement bars, etc. With our manufacturers patented electronic battery driven Pin brazing system you can do your installations very fast and in any weather, any time – rain and snow is no more a problem. This means no risk for the operator.

Everything developed and manufactured in Sweden, where the pin brazing method was invented.





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