Cathodic Protection Reference Electrodes


Cathodic Protection Reference Electrodes

Reference electrodes are used in the measurement of potentials. They are used where there needs to be a constant and stable reference. Korrosionsgruppen can offer a wide variety of cathodic protection reference electrodes.

Reference materials consists of:


Zinc Underground reference Electrodes
Zinc has the longest design life of any of the permanent type reference electrodes. Korrosionsgruppens zinc reference electrodes are suitable for underground applications.

Silver Chloride

Silver Chloride (AgCl) Reference Electrodes for use in high chloride conditions, both seawater and concrete.

Copper Sulfate

Copper/copper sulfate half-cells are typically required for potential measurements of systems buried in soils. Copper sulfate reference electrodes are available in underground and freshwater styles.


  • Portable
  • Permanent installation

Application areas:

  • Below ground
  • Seawater
  • Brackish water
  • Fresh water
  • Concrete
Reference Electrodes
Cathodic Protection Reference Electrodes

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