Insulating Joints PN10 bar

monolithci insulating joints PN 10 bar

Insulating joints PN10 bar

For service network sectioning

The isolation of the service line, in the defense of the networks for distribution of gas and water from corrosion, in addition to constituting an immediate and effective measure of passive protection is indispensable premise for the realization of cathodic protection systems.

The particular two pieces project design with the special NBR gasket with rectangular section, have allowed the realization of a monolithic element with high mechanical and structural characteristics.

Technical specifications

  • Manufactured and tested: UNI-CIG 10284
  • Max operating pressure: 10 bar / 1Mpa
  • Test pressure: 15 bar / 1,5 Mpa
  • Max operating temperature: 70°C / 158°F
  • Electric resistance in air at 1000V d.c.: > 5Mohm
  • Dielectric test: 3000 V


  • Pipe pups: steel UNI 7088/API 5L
  • Main body: forged A105
  • Insulating rings: polycarbonate
  • Gaskets: NBR
  • Ends: threads ISO7 - bevels API 5L
  • Coatings: epoxy resins

The PN10 Insulating Joints Range

Usually available for in stock, the insulating joints PN10 for service sections are manufactured in diameters from 3/4 “ to 4" with different coupling end (threaded and/or bevelled) with which you can create any kind of inclusion in the pipelines.

* Dimensions in mm are for information only and may change.

M/F type (male/female)

service line mij mf
tabella dimensioni giunti dielettrici maschio femmina PN10

M/S type (male/bevel)

service line mij ms
tabella dimensioni giunti dielettrici maschio saldare PN10

S/S type (bevel/bevel)

service line mij ss
tabella dimensioni giunti dielettrici saldare saldare PN10

M/M type (male/male)

service line mij mm
tabella dimensioni giunti dielettrici maschio maschio PN10

F/S type (female/bevel)

service line mij fs
tabella dimensioni giunti dielettrici femmina saldare PN10

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