Marine Fouling

Electrolytic Antifouling

Electrolytic Antifouling

By using impressed current through specific antifouling anodes, ions will dissolve and flow trough the protected system e.g. box cooler and prevent biological marine fouling.

The antifouling system dissolves the copper/aluminium or iron anodes by impressing current. When the anodes slowly dissolve, they are stopping the marine settling of organisms causing severe blockages, reduced flow rates and accelerated corrosion in critical systems.

One positive side effect of using antifouling systems, is that the area close to the anodes will be cathodically protected.

What is Marine Fouling?

Fouling happens when intrusive marine species settle on hulls, box coolers, seawater intakes and other submerged metal parts. These intrusive species can vary from plants, algae or other animals. With the correct temperature, pH, nutrients and flowrates, fouling takes place extremely fast.

This in turn, will create bigger problems like blocked pipes, overheating, slower flowrates, accelerated corrosion and much more.

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