We have been working on water protection for over 3 decades. We want to create the best partnerships for corrosion prevention which can result in saving millions of gallons of water from pollution.


We work for environmental protection every day. Our products silently work to save millions of gallons of water from corrosion-related pollution across the globe. We promote climate championships through creating awareness and investing in innovative approaches for infrastructure protection. We focus on collaborative initiatives to create synergy for long-term sustainability. 

Slussen Redevelopment Project

As a part of the New Slussen development, KorrosionsGruppen helps to secure the infrastructure long-term. Since 1642, a lock has existed between Södermalm and Gamla stan in Stockholm. It has been rebuilt four times. The current facility was built in the 1930s and is highly corroded. Problems with the foundation, weathering concrete and rusting reinforcement means that Slussen has to be demolished and rebuilt from the ground up. The City of Stockholm owns the redevelopment project.

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The New Slussen is groundbreaking in several ways:

  • Increased extraction: Every second, 2000 cubic meters of water flow through Slussen. The New Slussen will extract five times more water from this source than is currently possible.
  • Prevent the risk of flooding. SMHI (Sweden´s Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) estimates that the sea level globally will rise by one metre by the Year 2100. Building new and larger channels at Slussen will balance the water flows critical to avoid flooding.
  • Safeguard access to drinking water for two million people.
  •  Protect vulnerable areas such as the Underground at Gamla Stan and other infrastructure and buildings
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Why do we need to partner you?

Our objective is to bring together the right collaborative partners in water managment and infrastructure to creat awarness and build solutions to adress water contamination. Through this, we attempt to create a solution to water management with specific reference to contamination and erosion which can be globally implemented.

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Sourcing, manufacturing and deployments

We are committed to delivering fossil-free solutions by 2026. With phased roll-outs, we are transitioning towards a more responsible sourcing and logistics model, with new tools to support traceability and reporting.

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LEADERSHIP in Corrosion control for environmental protection

With our innovative solutions, we fortify metals in ground water, concrete and soil from corrosion. With the unprecedented crisis in global water management, our technology and partnership are leading to affordable and measurable solutions in water protection

Our partnership can help us accomplish these critical cilimate goals


KorrosionsGruppen and the New Slussen : Securing the new gigantic hatch

The extensive reconstruction of Slussen in Stockholm has hardly gone unnoticed...the investment in Slussen exceeds 500 Mil SEK (48 Mil EUR) and demand a complicated construction around limited space and over water bodies. The key to this project is a large hatch, which must efficiently regulate large amounts of water. KorrosionsGruppen protects parts of the lock with cathodic protection (active corrosion protection) and extends the lifespan by at least 100 years.

Length of bilge hatch, made of steel: 35M
Weight: 85,000KG

Effect of unprotected structure:

  • Imminent risk of corrosion and water pollution
  • Enormous costs for repair in case of damage
  • The busy, central location will lead to high disruption of traffic and everyday commuting

By effectively preventing corrosion, we ensure that our children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren do not have to replace what we have already replaced once. A hugh saving for environment, cost and resource!
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