Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring


Remote monitoring and control for cathodic protection

MiniTransPlus is the next sensor generation for remote monitoring and control for cathodic protection. With the experience gained in the last decade by having installed nearly 10,000 MiniTrans in rectifiers and 4,000 in test points, the MiniTransPlus brings CP remote monitoring / control an additional step forward.

Easy Setup by means of LCD Touch Display

The graphic display with capacitive touch allows quick and easy setups on site with no need of PC/Notebook configurations.

In addition, the galvanic isolated USB connector allows data transfers with PC/Notebook.

8 Channel Measurement with Galvanic Isolation

Beside the 3 channel input as for the old MiniTrans, the new MiniTransPlus got an additional 4th input with galvanic isolation.

This way the MiniTransPlus is able to measure 2x DC and 2x AC voltages, 1x DC and 1x AC current and galvanic isolated another 1x DC and 1x AC voltage, resulting in 8 channels overall.

On / Off Measurements and Data Logging combined

MiniTransPlus combines the requirements for On and Off multi-channel potential measurements for up to 4 samplings a day with the ability to perform continuous multi-channel data logging with min, max and median calculation, to provide sophisticated results also in stray current environments.

Coupon Measurement with Internal Relay

MiniTransPlus is able to full fill coupon measurement at single times a day or continuously for data logging with min, max and median calculation, depending on the user needs.

Remote monitoring
Remote monitoring

GPS Time Synchronization + Coordinates

The build in GPS receiver with its external GPS antenna allows synchronized measuring and/or switching in rectifiers and test points. Not only On / Off potential measurements are synchronized, but also coupon measurements of all test points can measured exactly all at the same time.

Rectifier Control remotely with Instant Web Access

With the internal 30A / 100V electronic relay, not only the On and Off switching is done, but a complete rectifier control by Pulse Wide Modulation (PWM) is offered. The PWM function transforms existing simple rectifiers into a voltage and/or current regulated rectifier station with full remote control (patent pending).

For example, MiniTransPlus can be setup by SMS, internet or manually to regulate the output to be exact 3.00 V without any additional equipment to be installed beside. Just by another user command the voltage regulation can be changed into a current regulation immediately.

Bluetooth 4.0 build in for Smartphone App Connection

Allows setup and visualization of values on-site from up to 10m distance, for example in a car beside the rectifier station.

Threat Detection (Patent OGE, former E.ON Ruhrgas)

In combination with the high resolution of 0.1 µV of the microvolt input channel and 2 samples/s with real time transmission via GPRS/UMTS, the MiniTransPlus manages threat detection in stray current free environments.

WinTrans 2.0 Internet Software

The evaluation of all the data from MiniTransPlus and MiniTrans as well as the rectifier control is done with this internet based software.

Remote monitoring

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