Condenser/Heating Plants

ICCP(Impressed Current Cathodic Protection)

Impressed current systems are usually applied in condensers or heating plants when resistance in surrounding electrolyte is high or when it’s more economical than sacrificial anodes (usually depending on size and/or design life).

Internal protection of condensers/heating plants cooled by seawater has been a operational life saver for years.


  • Long design life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less or no maintenance
  • Huge economic benefits
  • Stop corrosion completely

Clients often refer to ICCP systems in plants or condensers as reliable and cost saving systems. Not only for their operational uptime, but for the massive savings in corrosion related repair and maintenance costs.

Sacrificial Anodes


Protecting internal copper tubing and turning chambers in condensers usually requires both cathodic protection and protection with soft iron anodes, in order to promote the formation of surface film.

Protection needs always differs from object to object, please get in touch with one of our corrosion engineers today

Material Used:

  • Soft iron anodes
  • Sacrificial anodes (depending on electrolyte)
  • ICCP anodes

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