Anode Rods

Anode Rods
Artikel nr Type A (mm) Plugg
B130229 22K*400 HP-CD 400 Krage+stift
B132207 22K*400 PK-CD 400 Hög
B132226 22K*300 HP-CD 300 Krage+stift
B132227 22K*450 HP-CD 450 Hög
B132235 22K*500 HP-CD 500 Krage+stift

The anode rod is one of the most important factors in determining the life of your water heater. An anode rod is a steel core wire surrounded with one of three common sacrificial metals metals. These metals include aluminum, magnesium, and zinc. Anode rods are commonly used in water heaters or similiar application areas. The rod is designed to corrode instead of the object you want to protect. Different types of anode rods:


Aluminium Anodes

Magnesium Anodes

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