Measuring Equipment

Measuring Equipment

Why does it exist?

Ships sinking, gas pipes exploding or bridges collapsing. That Is something we all want to avoid. Therefore, tiscrucial that these metal structures are carefully protected and monitored with cathodic protection. If every metal structure in an electrolyte environment would be pro- tected, we could save countless lives and billions of dollars each year. On this part we want to contribute, that’s why we are here. On-Off-Sure is our way of helping our customers to excellinharsch enviroments with big strains on the irmetallic strucutres in an electrolyte environment.

Which problem does it solve??

To avoid corrosion, cathodic corrosion protection is installed, either with sacrificial anodes or as cathodic protection with impressed current.
That metal corrodes in water, soil and concrete(electrolyte) most people know. However, the reason behind it is quite unknown to the public. The metal loses energy when it’s trying to regain its original state as anode, when this happens, corrosion occur. To prevent and eliminate corrosion, its necessary to prevent the outflow of energy and supply energy at the same time. In the maritime world, this is done by a good coating and a cathodic corrosion protection.

The enviroment is one of the most corrosive on the planet and costs billions of dollars every year in corrosion. On-Off-Sure will help you to detectand prevent corrosion on time, before your assets have corroded and been destroyed.

For who does it benefit?

On ships, you can inspect trough measuring the potentials on are as such as a hulls, drive shaftsand flaps. Even leakage of current is possible to detect- For harbours, you can measure corrosion on jetties. This is easily measured with On-Off-Sure and compares with the potentials in our instruction to ensure that the protection is intact and functional. By knowing the potential of your protective object (boat/ship/portlane etc), you can prevent corrosion on time and there by extend the life of your investment. Correct values result in reduced maintenance cost sand increased operational reliabilit

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