Zinc Anode Calculation for Ships: A Guide to Effective Corrosion Prevention

Ship with cargo on the sea

Introduction: Corrosion is a major problem for ships, and it can lead to costly repairs and maintenance. Zinc anodes are an effective way to prevent corrosion on ships, but it’s important to calculate the right number of anodes needed to protect the ship. In this blog post, we’ll discuss zinc anode calculation for ships, how…

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The Importance of Cathodic Protection for Ship Hulls with Sacrificial Anodes

Introduction: Cathodic protection is a widely used corrosion prevention technique for metal structures, including ships and boats. The hull of a ship is especially vulnerable to corrosion due to the harsh marine environment. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of cathodic protection for ship hulls, and how sacrificial anodes can help to…

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Sacrificial anodes – understanding the importance of anodes on boats

Sacrificial anodes

Revised by Hans Karlsson, Corrosion engineer with 30 years of experience within the cathodic protection industry . Whenever you have two distinct metals that are physically or electrically associated and submerged in seawater, they turn into a battery. A small amount of current streams between the two metals. The electrons that make up that current…

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Pipeline Corrosion Prevention Methods for Oil and Natural Gas Pipes


Due to several pipeline explosions over the past few years, pipeline corrosion prevention for oil and gas pipelines has become a “hot” topic within the energy sector. Both for the devastating damage that it causes but also for the lives it takes, in our opinion, it’s a subject worth discussing. Here are some of the…

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